How to buy my toy.

Unfortunately, in Belarus it's hard for the artisans to sell the works on the Internet, indicate the price on them and leave contact details. Basically I sell work at the puppet shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In social networks, links to which are listed in Contacts, I publish all the news about my finished work, published books. You can reserve a toy that enjoyed by contacting me on social networks.

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Can I order a bear or other animal.

Now I have a very long queue for orders. People have to wait for half a year until I get. I try to do repetitions of animals, which you loved, but do not have enough time. I can not do it more than once or twice a month for the reason that because of frequent repetitions I start to feel unhappy, I do not have time to prepare new collections for the exhibitions and to write the book for you. This can affect the quality of work.

Before making an order, look carefully at my finished works, maybe one of them - it's your friend, the one and only yours. Is it not better to have in your collection exclusive thing, than the tenth repetition of the martyred master.

Do I dive master classes.

Yes, I give individual master classes at the highest difficulty level. Workshop lasts two days, 16 hours, in my studio in Borovlyany. All stages of the work you are doing yourself under my thorough leadership, to understand all the subtleties, nuances, and my own experience in the wonderful teddy technology.

Where can you buy my books.

From my books with master classes now only one on sale: "Sewing of Tyopa bear."

It can be purchased in all branches of the publishing house "Peter" in the major bookstores in Moscow and St. Petersburg, such as "House of Books", "read the city", and others. It can be ordered from the online store of the publishing house "Peter" in the book Internet magizinah "Ozon" and "Labirint".

I prepare two more books:

* Collection of master classes "toys pussies"

* Guide "Design pattern of toys and her clothes".

"Why do you make them all so sad?"

Because I like to pity them.